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We hope to one day have active dialog from each congressional district in the United States. We have provided individual forums for each district in the country to enable dialog for congressional representatives.
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Lakers are the National Champions.

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  • Lakers are the National Champions.

    So I used to be a huge sports fan, that is until politics came into play. I love politics, but I don't want everything to revolve around it. Social justice causes and politics don't belong in sports, education, or other group activities really. These days it's hard enough for everyone to get along and we make it worse by dividing everyone, even fans of the same team are arguing over politics. I truly love the idea of this site and hope for it's success. I believe having a one stop shop to get it all out can benefit everyone in society.

    I would love to reengage with professional sports as a fan, but they have to get back on track. I'm sure there will be lots of changes in the off-season being the ratings for this season were horrible. Stay tuned.