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Biden packing the court?

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  • Biden packing the court?

    Joe Biden said "You will know my opinion of court packing when the election is over". Isn't the purpose of political campaign and debate to let the public know what your views are? Basically what he's saying is... 'If we win we will pack the court'. He doesn't want to say it because if the republicans win they would do it to prevent the democrats from doing it in the future. Personally I believe the court should say at 9. Here is the clip of him speaking on it today.

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    9 should be the number. I'm not sure how the court became so political, but their rulings should be based on the constitution, law, and nothing else.


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      The US Political system benefits those in office more than the US citizen, this needs to change. People don't know how to lose anymore and are willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means screwing over the population. These individuals need to be held accountable for actions not in the interest of citizens. Typically I would say vote them out, but everything is so partisan now it's not ever going to happen. I say leave the court at 9 as well.