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1st Vice Presidential Debate

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  • 1st Vice Presidential Debate

    Did anyone watch the VP debate last night? Just curious who you think took the win. Pence seemed to be calm and contained and Harris seemed to be unprepared. Pence was sticking to accomplishments of the Trump-Pence campaign, and Harris used manufactured lies to try to discredit his claims. Sadly through this whole election cycle the democrats have failed to produce policies other than social justice and attacks on republicans. It almost feels like they think they're entitled to win, very disturbing.


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    Yeah, that's pretty accurate. Pence dominated the debate, but it was almost pointless. Harris was just getting cornered and laughing it off instead of making an honest response. Trump and Pence seem to be open to discussing anything, but Biden and Harris keep saying things like "I'll tell you after the election". Not sure what kind of strategy they're using, but it's definitely not working.